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The Racing this weekend (28th and 29th August) produced two Champions

Rockabill VI - Viking Marine Coastal Series Winner in Ireland

Mojito - Plas Heli Coastal Series Winner in Wales

Congratulations to the teams - follow the link for the results


The James Eadie Race from Pwllheli to Ireland (11th September) produced two Champions:

Rockabill VI - Musto Series Winner in Ireland

Mojito - Musto Series Winner in Wales

Congratulations to the teams - follow the link for the results


Please note the Noticeto Mariners and the requirement to adheare to Regulations


Amendment to SSIs for Race No. 7 Offshore Wales (OW) 

1. PSC1 substituted  for PSC2

2. In the event of the course being shortened - pass Archdeacon as per mark of the course - the finish line is an undefined length north of the Buoy, not 0.3m as previously published.

3. Course shortening will be announced. by the lead  boat on CH17, and subject to phone signal posted  on the ISORA UK 2021 WhatsApp group

 see the SSIs here


Amendment to SSIs for Race No. 3 Coastal Wales (CW) 

1. The warning Singnal is changed from 11.15hrs to 12.15hrs - this amends the Race 03 CW SSIs

2. Notifications on Trackers in SSIs 13.3 and 13.6 should now be by the WhatsApp Group messaging (WhatsApp - ISORA -UK Series)


Amendment to SSIs for Race No. 5 Offshore Wales (OW) 

1. Notifications on Trackers in SSIs 13.3 and 13.6 should now be by the WhatsApp Group messaging (WhatsApp - ISORA -UK Series)

2. Retirements - in addition to texting the race officer, please type in the boat name and "retired" on the WhatsApp - Skippers ISORA -UK Series which will be monitored by ISORA race management. 


Kenneth Rumball a previous successful competitor on the ISORA circuit, along with team mate Pamela Lee has been competing in the toughest offshore sailing circuit, the one-design Figaro circuit in France. This circuit has produced some of the worlds greatest sailors including Jean Le Cam, Armel Le Cleach and Mike Golding to name a few.

In the past 18 months, RL Sailing have been racing, training and coached by the most experienced French coaches in the training hubs of Lorient and St Gilles Croix De Vie. The aim of RL Sailing is to qualify and represent Ireland in the mixed double-handed offshore class at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

RL Sailing has similar aims to grow the sport of sailing in all disciplines in Ireland. A key ethos for enjoyment of the sport is understanding. If more crews and skippers alike have a better understanding of the sport, they are more likely to enjoy their time on the water and will want to spend more time on the water.

RL Sailing in conjunction with a sponsor of the team are offering pre and post-race analysis of the two ISORA training races pre the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race and also a pre-race briefing for the D2D race. These sessions will be delivered via Zoom unless restrictions ease to allow briefings to be held in an outside well ventilated area such as a marquee.

Pre-Race briefings will be conducted to look specifically around the wind and tides to be expected during the training races and also to look at some generic boat setup discussions.

Different weather models will be discussed along with local weather trends such as sea breezes, tidal variances and current changes.

However given the wide variety of boats sailed in the ISORA races, specific boat type settings and setups will not be discussed. These briefings are standard practice in the Figaro circuit to help skippers and crews discuss and understand the weather ahead of them to give a better understanding of the race and race course.

Post-Race analysis will be a led discussion centring around which weather models were most accurate, the course and route taken by the leading boats, sail selection and options for different boats.

A certain amount of this discussion will be prepared from the Yellowbrick trackers to give skippers and crews an understanding of boat speeds and courses taken by each boat.

Once again this information sharing is a key training tool used in the Figaro circuit. While we are all competitors on the water, for all sailors to improve, information is shared and discussed to build knowledge.

We believe that training like this is invaluable to all skippers and crews and will only lead to a better understanding of offshore racing which will improve the standard of sailing and the performance of Irish offshore sailors both in home waters and abroad.

These sessions are currently subsidised by a generous sponsor of RL Sailings to all ISORA sailors competing in the training races on the 15th and 29th of May 2021 and the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race, however in due course, there will be a modest fee for later races for this service.RLSailing 2

The initial weather briefing for the race commencing on the 15th of May will take place on the 14th of May at 20:00 hours summertime and will last for approximately 1.5 hours.

Updates will be given on the RL Sailing Facebook page.

Zoom link here;

Topic: ISORA Training Race 15-5-21 Pre Race Weather Briefing
Time: May 14, 2021 08:00 PM Dublin

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 3837 0799
Passcode: 297492


MustoThe Revised 2021 MUSTO - ISORA Schedule of Races is published - this amends the version in the Notice of Race  (2.1) 



The Notice of Race and entry form are now published for the classic Lyver Trophy Race 2021

ISORA Logo Vector

The Lyver Trophy race was first introduced as a bi-annual race by Gordon Dewar from Liverpool Yacht Club, as a joint initiative with the Royal Dee Yacht Club. The aim is to provide a R.O.R.C. Fastnet qualifying race for boats based in ports around the North West, including Liverpool, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Pwllheli, Holyhead and the Irish ports.

Requiring a minimum distance of 75 nautical miles, the first race in 1997 started in Liverpool and ended in Pwllheli. Since then the start of the race moved to Holyhead to maintain the growing reputation of the event and to attract yachts from Ireland and South Wales. The start of the event returned to Liverpool in recent years following the devastation of Holyhead marina during storm Emma in 2018.

The race is independently organised and managed by LYC forming a committee every 2 years for the purpose of providing a testing course and a qualifying race for the world famous Fastnet race and is funded jointly by members of LYC and Royal Dee Yacht Club.  

Entries are welcome from all handicapped yachts and all issues regarding the running of such an event are strictly observed.

The Race Committee are determined that the Lyver Cup will take place on the 2nd July 2021 subject the UK Covid restrictions. This will allow competing boats to qualify for the 2021 Rolex Fastnet Race. 

The ultimate finishing location will be dictated by any restrictions that may be in force in the Republic of Ireland due to Covid. The intention remains to sail to Dun Loaghaire if possible.

Read the full article and links on the Liverpool Yacht Club web sit

 The entry form is below:


Amendments to the first Four Races in the Musto ISORA 2021 Notice of Race

* Races 1 - Postpone - the Irish Coastal Races on 17th April - date for rearranged race to be advised
* Races 2 - Postpone - the Welsh Coastal Races on 17th April - date for rearranged race to be advised
* Races 3 - Postpone - Irish Night Race on 1st May - date for rearranged race to be advised
* Races 4 - Amendment - Change Welsh Night Race on 1st May to a Day race (This will be the first ISORA Race of 2021). Please refer to the SSIs here

Stephen Tudor 
ISORA Hon Sec.



DSCF3276xSome of you may remember Simon Byrne who wrote “alternative” blogs for ISORA for many years. He is now in the process of self publishing a book of his crazy stories - some ISORA, some rugby and some holiday blogs. A smorgasbord of his eclectic musings over the years gathered together in a book. 25 stories, 56k. words, 190 pages. A steal at a mere €20. 

 This is NOT a novel. His weird take on life and events may not be for everyone - marmite perhaps? Peter Ryan did, however, award him the Spirit of ISORA Penmaen Plate in 2016 for his efforts with the quip “there’s a book in this Simon.” And here we are.

If anyone is interested he can be contacted on Whatsapp, Messenger or by text at + 353 86 225 9208. Hurry though, the book is with printers for final proofing and there’s not many left.

Read the Back to Boating Protocol here 

The ISORA: Back to Boating Protocol is now published.

The document is a live working document and the intention of the Race Management team is to update it as and when restrictions are relaxed/changed in the various territorial waters relevant to each race.

The objective is to get us back racing at the earliest possible opportunity but only if we can do so safely and within all relevant guidelines and regulations.




 updated 13th May 2021 

There is a very useful section on the ISORA web page on 'Safety Considerations and Supporting Documents' - please check it out and become familiar with the requirements for offshore racing. 

Have you looked at the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2020-21 (OSR)?

Did you know that you must carry sufficient fuel to meet charging requirements for the duration of the race and to motor at the above minimum speed for at least 5 hours?  See OSR 3.28.3b


3.29.13 an AIS Transponder which either:
a) shares the masthead VHF antenna via a low loss AIS antenna splitter; or
b) has a dedicated AIS antenna not less than 38 cm (15”) in length mounted with
its base not less than 3 m (10’) above the Waterline and co-axial feeder cable
with not more than 40% power loss

Effective 1 January 2021: Structural Inspection -

  • 3.02.2 Consult the owner’s manual for any instructions for keel bolt checking and re-tightening. The following inspection to be conducted by a qualified person externally with the boat out of the water. Check that there are no visible stress cracks particularly around the keel, hull/keel attachment, hull appendages and other stress points, inside the hull, backing plates, bolting arrangements and keel floors. (See Appendix L – Model Keel and Rudder Inspection Procedure)
  • Effective 1 January 2021: Evidence of a structural inspection in accordance with 3.02.2 within 24 months before the start of the race or after a grounding whichever is the later
  • 3.02.4 Effective 1 January 2021: Inspection after Grounding – an appropriately qualified person shall conduct an internal and external inspection after each unintentional grounding

Check out the rest of the requirements here or please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you want any assistance.

updated 18th October 2020


The ISORA 2020 AGM was held on Saturday 7th November 2020. This was a Virtual Meeting by Zoom (provided by Pwllheli Sailing Club).

In addition to the usual AGM business the Officers and Committee members for 2021 were elected - see here

A draft 2020 race schedule was proposed by the Technical Committee and it was agreed that this would form the basis of the time table for 2021.

The schedule was split into three elements , the Offshore Series for the Wolf's Head Trophy, three Coastal Series in Ireland and a Coastal series in Wales.

The latest version of the schedule will be published here shortly .......



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The Revised 2021 Race Schedule is published ..... e



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