28th April                    -         ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Day Race - (50 miles)  
                                                     Dun Laoghaire to Nt. Arklow Cardinal

 5th May                        -          ISORA Offshore -  Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead (60 miles)
                                                     Qulaifying Race

 19th May                      -         ISORA Offshore - Conwy to Howth (100 miles)
                                                      Qulaifying Race

 2nd June                       -         lynx metmAsts ISORA Offshore - Pwllheli to Wicklow                   
                                                     Qulaifying Race

14th July                        -        ISORA Day Race - Pwllheli (35miles)

 27th  July                      -       ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Night Race - (35 miles)  
                                                      Dun Laoghaire to Nt. India Qulaifying Race

 18th August                 -         ISORA Offshore  - (75 miles) Qulaifying Race  
                                                      Dun Laoghaire – Pwllheli  

 1st September             -          ISORA / RAYC / Lee Overlay Day Race - (54 miles)  
                                                       Dun Laoghaire to M2

8th September              -         ISORA Day Race - Pwllheli (35 miles)

 15th September           -         ISORA Offshore - Pwllheli to Dunlaoghaire. (80 Miles) 
                                                       James Eadie Race – Qulaifying Race

 Overall Series:            To win the overall ISORA series for the Wolf’s Head Trophy boats must complete 2 of the 6 “Qualifying”. Points for the overall series will then be taken from the best 5 results. Prizes will be awarded for a separate series to include all races in the schedule.


N.B. - All races will have a weighting applied.


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