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  • The Start
    The Start

    The thrill of the race start

  • No Wind
    No Wind

    There will be times you wish for wind!

  • Wind Arrives
    Wind Arrives

    - then when the wind arrives - great racing

  • A Bit Wet
    A Bit Wet

    It can get a bit wet!

  • Exhilarating

    - and wild but exhilarating

  • Close Racing
    Close Racing

    There will be some close quarter Racing

  • Out of the crowd
    Out of the crowd

    Out of the crowd and then on your own.

  • Team work
    Team work

    Team work and tactics - so important for success

  • The Tides
    The Tides

    - will we get there before the tide turns?Team work and tactics - so important for success

  • Sunset

    - and then sail off into the sunset

  • Night Racing
    Night Racing

    and the challenges of a night race

  • Finished!

    followed by the joy of winning - or just glad to finish

  • Apres Sailing
    Apres Sailing

     - comparing notes and some refreshments.

  • Prize giving
    Prize giving

    Enjoy the end of Season Prize giving - legendary!!! 

  • That's ISORA.
    That's ISORA.

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