HRAlogoSaturday 212th June 2021  

This race is also the second Offshore race in the MUSTO UK ISORA 2021 Offshore Series.

The Race Supplemental Sailing Instructions (SSIs) is published below

Amendment to SSIs for Race No. 7 Offshore Wales (OW) 

1. PSC1 substituted  for PSC2

2. In the event of the course being shortened - pass Archdeacon as per mark of the course - the finish line is an undefined length north of the Buoy, not 0.3m as previously published.

3. Course shortening will be announced. by the lead  boat on CH17, and subject to phone signal posted  on the ISORA UK 2021 WhatsApp group

 see the SSIs here


The course is published as follows: 

START (As Defined in SSIs)

PSC2 (P) PSC1 (P)(amendment No. 1)

The Skerries (S)

Ethel Rock Cardinal (S)

Archdeacon Cardinal (S)

Finish: Line running 0.3nm south of Q1.

Shortening in the event of a slow race to allow boats to get to the Sunday lunchtime lock in Liverpool.  

If the first boat doesn’t cross a line running north from Ethel Rock Cardinal by 00:00 Sunday then the finish will be moved to a line running 0.3nm North of Archdeacon Cardinal.



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