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Please read the Suplemental Sailing Instructions for each race - see here

The 2018 Race Schedule is published below:


2018 Race Schedule - PopUp

Amendments to Race Schedule

Amendment No. 4 - 14th May - change finish Race 4 (26th May) from Holyhead to Pwllheli

Amendment No. 3 - 30th April - change start Race 3 (12th May) from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire

Amendment No. 2 - 15th April - Correction of typos and missing link

Amendment No. 1 - 16th January 2018 - Night Race weighting changed to 1.0 (from 0.9) The 0.9 entry was an error.


 The Notice of Race is published here.
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We are now working on the 2018 Race Schedule and it will be published here soon

The 2017 Race Schedule is published below:


2017 Race Schedule - PopUp

Schedule V4 - Changed to show ISAF Catergory  3 and 3+lifraft more here
Schedule V5 - Changed to show 14 Race numbers
Schedule V6 - Changed to clarify which races of the VDLR count for the Overall Series and ISORA Points Series.

 The Notice of Race is published here.
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The 2015 Race Schedule is now published and is listed in the Notice of Race 





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The start times shown here are approximate only and may change
RaceNo. Date Type Description Distance (approx) Start 
Race 1a  Saturday 25th April Coastal Day Race ISORA/RAYC - Dun Laoghaire to North Arklow 50 miles 1000
Raceace 1b Sat. 25th April Coastal Day Race Pwllheli Castle Race Coastal 50 miles 1000
Race 2 Sat. 9th May  Qualifying Race Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead 60 miles  0800
Race 3

Friday 22nd May

Qualifying Race Holyhead to Isle of Man  (Douglas) 50 miles  1900
 Race 4 Sunday 24th May Qualifying Race Douglas Isle of Man to Dun Laoghaire  70 miles  0630
 Race 5 13th - 17th June   Dun Laoghaire to Dingle D2D 270 miles   TBA
 Race 6  Friday 3rd July Qualifying Race Lyver Race Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire (evening start)  100 miles TBA 
 Race 7  18th July Coastal Day Race  ISORA/RAYC Lighthouse Race  35 miles  TBA
 Race 8a  7th August Coastal Night Race   ISORA/RAYC Lighthouse Race  35 miles  TBA
 Race 8b  7th August Coastal Night Race  Pwllheli Causeway  35 miles  TBA
 Race 9  15th August  Qualifying Race  Dun Laoghaire to Pwllheli  75 miles  TBA
 Race 10a  29th August  Coastal Day Race  ISORA/RAYC Dun Laoghaire to Greystones  50 miles  TBA
 Race 10b  29th August  Coastal Day Race  Pwllheli to to Greystones  50 miles  TBA
 Race 11  12th September  Qualifying Race  Pwllheli to Dun Laoghaire  80 miles  TBA


A pdf copy of the schedule is available here.

Note - (RAYC) = Royal Alfred Yacht Club Coastal Series details here

The 2016 Race Schedule is published below and is listed in the Notice of Race





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ISORA has teamed up with Predict Wind Tracker to track competing yachts in the ISORA series.

This is a cost effective method of recording our races so that the races can be viewed live and also viewed after the event. This feature presently only works with an iPhone and Android phone.

The Predict Wind Tracker App must be downloaded from the App Store or Google-Play for the Android.

After installing the App start the app and then select the

“Club” as ISORA.

“Race” as 2014 Race 1 & 1A and then

“Division” as Dun Laoghaire or Pwllheli depending on what race you are taking part.

You then enter the boat name.

Don’t start the tracker until you are leaving the marina and remember to stop is shortly after you cross the finish line.

The race can be view by following this link.

NOTE:- The iPhone being used for the tracking should be fully charges and all Apps work in the background are switched off. This is best done by switching the phone off and restarting it. If you have any problems or queries about this, please contact send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone Peter.

The Royal Alfred Yacht Club's 2014 Coastal Series has been set and will again this year be run in collaboration with ISORA.

The Race Dates are 26th April, 26th July, 8th August and 23rd August – four races with one discard. These are shown on the ISORA race schedule

Please support the Royal Alfred by entering the RAYC series here.

The ISORA gang are a friendly lot and are more than willing to help with the boat set up process or sail trimming techniques and general tips, we will also share our experiences of boat fixes and solutions for common problems. Remember to ask someone by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask another competitor before or after a race, or  join our Facebook page and post a question there. You will find that everyone is more than ready to help.

This is a simple start of season guide and is intended as an aid only to assist with the setting up of your yacht for the ISORA Offshore series.

Are you familiar with the requirements of Category 4, Category 3 (with life-raft) and Notice of Race and General Conditions - read more here.

Have you applied for your IRC certificate?

Have you checked your flares - and do you know how to use them?When is the next service date for the life-raft, have you serviced your life jackets and checked your flares and fire extinguishers?

Is the engine serviced and ready? Are the ship batteries in good condition? Have you checked the electrics, instruments and the navigation lights? Torches and spare batteries?

Update your safety equipment list and position chart. Check sea cocks and are the bungs secure next to each sea cock?

Another item to check is the sail bag zips - are they runing free? (written by a formed foredeck crew!)

If you would like to add to this list plese let us know.

ISORA provides owners and crew an opportunity to race offshore in a friendly, family atmosphere. Racing is always competitive but there is always a great emphasis on safety which starts with an understanding of the risks involved in offshore racing and the constant need to be aware of changing conditions and a total respect for the elements is essential to enjoying our sport in safety.

We expect competitors to race responsibly and make appropriate provision for the safety of crews and boats, and maintain equipment carefully.

All ISORA competitors will abide by the following:

  • WorldSailingThe 'Rules' (World Sailing - Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 - 2024) here and
  • World Sailing Special Offshore Rules 2020-2021 - here and (some key changes here)
  • The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (also known as COLREG here further information on COLREGs available on the RYA web-site here

Competitors should be familiar with and abide by the rules set out in the ISORA Racing Documents as follows:

Inshore and Coastal races will be subject to the rules set out by 'World Sailing' Category 4. The Offshore races are generally subject to 'World Sailing' Category 3 compliance with Liferaft (3+). Longer RORC races such as the Round Ireland Race will be Category 2. The relevant Category for each race will be made clear in the Supplemental Sailing Instructions for that race.

World Sailing describe the conditions for each Category as follows:-


WorldSailingTo check what you require for each race please refer to the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2020 - 2021(these are valid until December 2021. Here.

World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (definition and requirements of Category 4, Category 3 and Category 3 plus Life Raft )

Click here to download the WS -OSR Category 3 (with liferaft) Checklist

Supporting documents:

Page updated 18th October 2020

Select the race from the drop down list - and the boats entered will be shown in the table.


Every boat that enters an ISORA race will make the following declaration and it is a condition of their entry acceptance.

'I wish to enter the ISORA Race(s).  The details as provided are correct.

To the best of my knowledge the information I have given is accurate.  I understand that Boat Racing can be dangerous.  I agree that the ISORA, RORC, organising clubs, other sponsors and their agents, have no responsibility for loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to any vessel or property.  I have paid particular attention to and agree to be bound by Special Regulation 1.02 and I have read and understand and where appropriate agree to be bound by RORC General Condition 2 Responsibility.  Before racing I will effect adequate and suitable insurance. Before racing I will ensure that my crew is aware of the undertaking in this Declaration, the importance of effecting appropriate personal insurance, their responsibility in rules observance, and in particular RRS 1.2 (wearing personal buoyancy adequate for the conditions).

I agree to be bound by RRS, ISA Prescriptions, RORC General Conditions, ISAF  Special Regulations, ISORA Special Regulations, ISORA General Conditions and Sailing Instructions, and any other applicable rules imposed by race hosting clubs.  The boat will be available for inspection.  If any alteration likely to affect the handicap or rating is made, e.g. to sails, rig, mast, ballast, trim, engine or propeller, I will notify the Rating Authority and Race Committee immediately.

I will ensure that no crew member races on my boat contrary to the terms of any ban imposed by World Sailing (ISAF), or a National Authority or the RORC.

I/We have now read the current RORC General Conditions and Racing Rules of Sailing and ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and that my boat complies with Category 3 plus Liferaft for cross channel and Category 3 for all other races , a valid IRC Certificate with a minimum SSS Base Number of 20.

I understand and agree that the information given in this form and also the race lists and results will be maintained on the Club’s computer to be used for all aspects of race organisation.'




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