Lula Belle

Lula Belle is on the homeward leg - folllow the finish on the tracker here.

Dublin offshore two handers Liam Coyne and Brian Flahive are heading for the finish line of the Round Britain & Ireland Race on Saturday even though they have had a series of gear failures over the last 72 hours. Now – on day 10 – their engine, used to power batteries, will not start. Coyne sent this latest update to this morning: Read the blog in Afloat  here

Race 9 the M2 Race

The SI's for Race 9 – The Dun Laoghaire to ODAS M2 Buoy Coastal Race scheduled for Saturday 23rd  August are available here.

This ISORA Day Race is Organised in conjunction with the Royal Alfred Yacht Club Offshore Series

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KONA   ISORA Dun Laoghaire to Pwllheli Yacht Race was held on 26th July   2014. “Ruth” (who also won last year’s race) took home the perpetual and   keepers trophies....
The second ISORA Night Race on Friday 8th August in Pwllheli started, later than the Irish counterparts, at 2050 hrs. The Race committee had set a 38.5 mile course which would take the fleet to all...
Report on Race 8A – Deja Vu for “Ruth” in Dun Laoghaire Night Race. The weather was forecast to be very light for the Night Race from Dun Laoghaire. The tides were very strong. The course on the sailing...
There are two ISORA night races scheduled for this Friday night 8th August one on either side of the Irish Sea. The Dun Laoghaire Night Race (ISORA - Race 8a) - RESULTS This race is...
The members of ISORA wish our fellow ISORA sailors, Liam Coyne and Brian Flahive a fast and safe passage in the heroic 2-handed attempt at the Round Britain and Ireland Race. The race starts on Sunday...
There are two ISORA night races scheduled for this Friday night 8th August one on either side of the Irish Sea. The Dun Laoghaire Night Race (ISORA - Race 8a) This race is organised by the...
The weather forecast was depressing for the 2014 KONA Offshore Perpetual Trophy Race on Saturday 26th July from Dun Laoghaire to Pwllheli. The only conversation during the pre-race get together in the NYC...
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Congratulations Ruth - a fantastic race win. The full provisional results are now on the web site here
The Sailing Instructions for the KONA ISORA Race 7 – Dún Laoghaire to Pwllheli scheduled for Saturday 26th July is available here.
Spinlock IRC Welsh Championships 1st – 3rd August 2014 We are only a few weeks from the inaugural ‘Spinlock IRC Welsh Championships’ hosted this year by Pwllheli Sailing Club on 1st to 3rd August. The...
With many of the ISORA regulars recovering after the recent Round Ireland race and also taking part in Cork Week, 13 of the 15 entries came to the start line at Pier Mark for the ISORA Lighthouse Day...
Another great race - the provisional results are published here and photos here. The race report will be available here shortly.
The Notice of Race is hereby amended to allow boats with canting keels and water ballast who have a SSS lower than 20 to compete in the coastal day race. ISORA Secretary 11th July 2014
The Sailing Instructions for the ISORA Race 6 – Dún Laoghaire Lighthouse Race scheduled for Saturday 12th July is available here.
I wonder if it will ever be known how many people followed the final approach of “Ruth”, Liam Shanahan Jnr’s J109, approach to the finish line in Wicklow for the 2014 Round Ireland Race. I spent many...
The next ISORA Offshore race is the KONA race from Dún Laoghaireto Pwllheli. This is also a feeder race for the Spinlock IRC Welsh Championships from 1st to 3rd August (free berths from 26th July to...

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